Save time & money

Improve customer handling & team management
Our unique Oneteam Power 5/1© platform combines a business phone system & customer handling platform with cloud technology.

A single login enables calling, emailing, texting, ticketing and sharing customer information from any location. Time to upgrade.

Simplify communication

Imagine. No switching between the contact software, that email program, random notepad scribbles or premises-bound telephone system. Take a call, make notes, send that email quote out  or appointment confirmation SMS – all from the same window. And all that information available for your co-workers from wherever they are.

One login. You’ll be calling and answering clients, processing emails, sending reminder SMS’s and access to the customer’s contact data. All previous interactions with the customer appear on a timeline and ticket-pool shows what’s all matters pending or urgent.

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Work anywhere

Flexible. Tiggadesk brings portability and flexibility to your team. Your customers won’t be able to tell the difference whether your staff answers from the office or another location.

Always One Team. Regardless of their location, the team members use the same platform to answer and make calls or emails. Via that same login they also share, update and access customer information. Working together – in or out of the office.

Tiggadesk forms a bridge between the normal telephone network and a team member’s computer. You’ll get a standard phone number, but you and the team make and receive calls via your computer. This allows team members to login and work from any location.

A standard pc or laptop, headset and internet connection is all that you need to get back to work.

Wherever you have internet, login into our portal and phone calls, emails and customer history are available. Thanks to our low bandwidth technology you can work from the majority of locations.

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Work anywhere

Transparent processes

Improve management. Standardising and centralising customer calls & emails means, that your business becomes transparent. Not only what customers talk about, but also how matters are handled by the team. This means that it becomes easier to check, better to compare and lighter to manage your team.

Tools & metrics. A real-time manager’s dashboard, individual vs team performance, query-handling times or call-recordings: a few of the built-in metrics and tools that help you instantly improve the effectiveness of your team.

In order to provide good customer service and create repeat customers, our tools will tell you whether you’re on the right track.

Metrics that tell you how many customers called,  or how many customers were called by the team. How long the average calling time was per team member or how many tickets a team member processed. Stay on top of things, especially important when teams are not working in the same location.

Our tools will make your workflow, processes and team dynamics more transparent. This helps you to identify where you can improve and ultimately, increase efficiency and save costs.

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Time to value

Easy setup. Within minutes after signing up, you receive your tiggadesk phone number and the logins for each work station. Tiggadesk works instantly.

Then: One step at the time. We’ll explain in 10 daily emails the most important functions. It’ll cost you 3 mins to read, and helps you to get the maximum out of tiggadesk.

Still: Quick Results! The lack of big investments, long programming or extended implementation trajectories means you’ll start reaping the rewards within weeks rather than months. A true high Return on Investment (ROI).

Starting is simple. Besides providing us your name, email and mobile number, you just have to answer 2 simple questions. One: “How many workstations do you need?” and two: “Choose the capital city number your business is in”.

Initial setup. We’ll email you the credentials for the workstations to login. If unsure, we have instruction videos how to setup your IP phones and for the tech savvy, you can tweak and adjust the platform to your heart’s content.

Unrestricted trial. Our trial comes with a dedicated and real telephone number, an IVR (automatic phone system) and email-to-ticket mail box(es) instantly. Use your favourite software phone (i.e. Linphone, Zoiper, Bria-Solo), a physical desk phone (i.e. Fanvil, Grandview, Htek) or install our propriety Windows tiggaphone software (no config needed) to start talking with your customers.

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Global Help Desk System

Professional grade

Business continuity. Tiggadesk is based on state-of-the-art communication technology. A robust, proven industry grade platform that provides you with peace of mind and the highest uptime. You won’t miss any incoming customer queries, and you can be sure that no customer would ever run into a busy tone again.

Affordable big league tech. Our unique platform and charging model mean that businesses of any size can move their customer communication into a league, previously the exclusive domain of companies at the big end of town. Without big investments, commitments or IT teams.

World class setup support. In case you come across challenges, go to our support pages to find the answers you need or chat, mail or call our helpline (Mo-Fr 9-5pm AEST) for assistance with your setup. You can also book a specialist if you want us to set you up.

Think like the biggest players. Not for nothing, the biggest companies have strict structures in place and deliver the same quality every time. As the big players, use features as automatically redirect incoming calls to the correct team member, ask callers questions (“What are you calling for?”) or offer customers to wait instead of a busy tone.

Tiggadesk automatically monitors email traffic and ensures that any team member who picked up a customer email, follows through. If not, the email goes automatically back in the pool for others to process.

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Global Help Desk System

Upgrade now. You're in good company.

Tiggadesk is a truly unique cloud-based business phone system that has ticketing, email processing, texting and a crm natively built-in. It simplifies managing customers and managing your team, and saves you time and costs.

Our scalable platform enables every business to re-invend their customer care. It’s being used by big call centres as well as local accountancy companies. From Australia to the UK, and from the USA to the Philippines.

Upgrade your business now with the OneTeam trial package, fully functional and restriction free. Includes your own dedicated phone number, complete auto ticketing module, email-to ticket mailboxes, SMS module, a personalised IVR and a generous credit to spend whichever way you like.

Customer Support

An Innovative and Simple Cloud Based Telephone System – Tiggadesk.

We have made setting up tiggadesk as easy and user-friendly as possible. We try to avoid burying you in technical speak, configuration talk or other techno-mumbo.

However, tiggadesk is one of the most sophisticated platforms on the market, with a myriad of settings and options. If you need help, we’re there for you. Our support section offers detailed setup and user guides, how-to videos and more. More questions? Mail, chat or call us for support!

After your account is activated, you’ll automatically enrol in the tigga-academy to make sure you’ll get the maximum out of tiggadesk. During the first 10 days we will take you step-by-step in 10 mins/day through tiggadesk’s most important features and give you practical hints.