IT Ticketing System4 Signs That Your Business Needs to Get an IT Ticketing System

More and more starting companies move into the field of offering a specific service to other businesses, so that that outsourcer can focus on their core activity. This industry is also called MSP’s (Managed Service Providers). Whether you offer a SAAS product or more traditional IT services, this ever evolving environment will confront you with a whole new set of challenges.

Running companies such as managed services providers (MSP) is a truly serious business. It requires careful planning and strategising to keep everything fluid. The daily influx of customer communications and requests can be overwhelming for startups and big businesses alike. One of the most effective ways of getting processes streamlined and running smoothly is to procure a dependable IT ticket management software.

Getting one can benefit your business in many different ways including lower labor costs, greater technician morale and more satisfied customers. To understand its true value, let’s take a closer look at the different signs that a business needs to consider getting the ticketing system IT deserves.

1. Still using spreadsheets to track customers and their support requests

You’ll be surprised how many teams are still depending on spreadsheets (on and offline) to track issues (tickets). If this is the case in your company, you really need to start looking into and getting an IT support ticketing system. Instead of consuming lots of precious time doing things manually, a ticketing system IT can do things automatically and prevent human errors. These errors obstruct the optimum productivity of your agents. Through automation, possible errors and their corresponding downtime can be avoided; not to mention the faster process time of any enquiry.

2. Difficulty in modifying or adding users

Older ticketing and support platforms are often hopelessly complex or even location based. The productivity of your agents will suffer if your existing IT ticket management software still relies on an IT team or specialist to have certain basic tasks executed, such as deleting a user from a specific group or to adding a new team member. If this is the case, you need an upgrade because a good and dependable IT support ticketing system will allow you to do important tasks right away and without the help of a specialised IT team.

3. Unable to track customers’ products and inventory

Your team will have no choice but to ask repetitive questions if they cannot track the products and inventory of customers using the existing ticketing system IT; it leads to assumptions or endless going back and forward between different platforms in order to obtain the information. This results in long, ineffective and time-consuming conversations: as a user of services no doubt you’ve ran into the other side telling you “sorry, waiting for the system” or “it is slow” whilst effectively the agent who is helping you, is peddling as fast as they can between different systems. Upgrade to a better IT ticket management software that brings multiple channels together in order to improve the overall customer experience as well as the efficiency of your agents.

4. Zero access to advanced analytics

Your business can get valuable insights regarding the performance of agents as well as the most reported problems with the help of properly structured processes, standardisation and advanced analytics. These are important tools when making business decisions: is that product as good as you thought or is that team member actually doing their job? A good IT support ticketing system is able to provide insights that help your business proactively boost the performance of your agents and the satisfaction of your customers.


A good IT ticket management software should make things easier, more efficient and more productive for your business. If this is not the case with your existing ticketing system IT, then you should not hesitate to upgrade to a new and better one. With the right IT support ticketing system in your hands, your business will enjoy numerous advantages including a better reputation, greater customer satisfaction, lower handling costs and better motivated team that gets the issues resolved.