Data exchange via Zapier

You can exchange data between different programs such as i.e. your sales program via the Zapier API solution. This means that i.e. customer data that is updated in tiggadesk whilst on the phone, these changes are also posted in your other applications, keeping everything ‘In-Sync’.

Recording of in-/outbound calls

Optional: for a small amount per month, recordings are kept from in/outbound calls for a period of 3 months. Recordings make sure that you can listen to a conversation at any convenient time, and where necessary coach the team member to improve. Both inbound and outbound calls can be recorded. Recordings are stored up to…

Dashboard and management function

The dashboard tells you how the team is performing, how many customers are waiting or how many tickets have been processed by the team or the individual. Giving you real time information so you can make better use of your resources.

Almost unlimited simultaneously outgoing lines

There is no (reasonable) restriction in the number of simultaneously outbound calls. If you have 10 incoming lines in our standard package, but i.e. 28 workstations: all those workstations can make outgoing calls simultaneously whilst having 10 incoming calls at the same time.

Configurable mail-to-ticket email box

Email addresses that correspond with the department choices on your telephony IVR. For instance Sales, Support or Service. Received emails are automatically converted to tickets and available to the team members assigned to these departments.