The flexible and best VoIP small business platform

A cloud based phone systems for small businesses taking you to the next level.

In a typical SME environment team, every employee plays multiple roles. And in teams where every member has so many things to do, keeping track of incoming customer calls  and sharing all this information, can be challenging. And on top of that, nowadays customers do not only call, they email you and have very high expectations from the business they deal with. 

Tiggadesk is not only a cloud based virtual phone system that enables your team to answer the office phone from home or any other location, but combines your customer’s emails, the notes that the staff makes and more into one platform. With one login and from any location, your team can work through customer requests, share the workload and incoming enquiries as if everyone is working in the same room. Looking for tailor SME / small business phone and communication solutions? Elevate your ‘Business as Usual” to a whole new level and flexibility!

A small business virtual phone system that packs a punch.

Monthly $39.95 for 2 work stations. Start your trial and receive $42.50 bonus usage credit!**
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    Cloud VoIP business phone system

    A cloud-based telephony system, call/answer from anywhere. Multiple lines and much more.

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    IVR included

    Customisable IVR answers in your name and directs calls to the right person

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    Chose your city

    No matter where you are, chose your capital city number

  • 1 single login gives access to all features

    A single login

    1 single secure browser login accesses all functions and features from wherever you are.

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    Ticketing and CRM

    Build-in ticketing platform automatically registers & prioritises calls, emails and notes. And: integrated CRM.

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    SMS texts sending

    Use SMS to confirm an address, an appointment or a link to a page on your website.

  • Email management

    Forward your current customer emails to your tiggadesk mailboxes. Automatically converted into tickets.

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    Scalable, no lock-in contracts, no out-lay

    The freedom of no lock-in contracts, no big upfront investments & instant scalability.

A cloud based phone system

Tiggadesk is an internet and cloud based phone system, that turns your computer into a phone. By logging into the tiggadesk website our phone system module (cloud pbx module) knows that you’re ready to take calls. If no one is logged in or outside business hours, calls are handled by the system.

Besides standard phone functions such as transferring calls, hold calls, recording, call monitoring, you’ll get an automated interactive voice response system, call queuing, voice notes for quick transfers and a flexible line capacity.

When on the call, you can make notes, add tasks for this conversation and even send the caller an SMS. All this will be visible upon the next contact with this customer, for all team members.

The workflow

The start screen after logging in is the ‘workflow’ screen: this shows all open and pending tickets. For instance of those calls that came in after hours.

SMS sending module

Send you customers an SMS when you want to direct a caller to a certain page on your website, a link to a manual or to confirm a date and time for an appointment.

Task Management

You can add a task that needs to be completed before a ticket can be completed. For instance a confirmation of visit of a technician at the caller’s home, or if you are waiting for the caller to send certain documents. The ticket will stay pending in your workflow until you confirm having received the documents or the task as being completed.

Email Management

Manage and team share emails in an easy way, in the same work flow. Tiggadesk mailboxes automatically convert incoming emails into tickets. These tickets combine the information customer’s calls and sms’s into one helpful file that appears in the workflow. With one click, you’ll see the the history of the caller. And: emails can be answered quickly with the help of templates, saving valuable time.

CRM module

Integrated is a CRM in which the most essential customer details are stored, such as phone numbers, addresses and emails. The phone system uses this data to sort and present the history when your customer calls. You can also search by name to find all related notes, tickets and (inter)actions with this customer. Give your most important customer a VIP status, so that they can jump the queue whenever they contact you.

What do you need?

A pc or laptop with internet and a headset.

Desk phones instead of calling via the computer?

You can also use a physical IP desk phone on your desk if you don’t want to call via your computer headset. Check our special offer for IP desk phones!

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Screen previews

Tiggadesk turns your computer into a phone system. You can make and receive calls via an IP phone (softphone) and you computer your headset. Alternatively you can connect physical dedicated IP desk phones. No matter how you connect, customer information is bundled and previous interactions are a click away. In any ticket, the notes at the front of it make sure that everybody is aware what was agreed or done before. In the CRM you can maintain customer data, exchange information with other existing programs and link emails, contact names and phone numbers.

Your advantages:

  • Direct-to-Desk or Phone menu – Calls are answered in your name and either go to a menu or direct to the workstations. You can configure an IVR menu at any time. And unlike a traditional phone system, there are no fixed number of lines. You simply pay per use with our auto scaling. You can log in from anywhere.
  • Ticketing – Tiggadesk seems like a traditional office phone system but gives you ultimate control and insight in your communication flow. Auto call ticketing, email ticketing, and all other tiggadesk features.
  • Flexible Instant Capacity – Tax Time and lots of calls? Marketing action? Temporary 2 extra team members? No matter whether you have 2 or 20 incoming calls simultaneously, all calls will be answered, queued and registered. No caller will hear a busy tone. Create and delete work stations at any time. No lock-in contracts.
  • Missed call reminders sms/email – For calls received outside office hours, but also those coming in when you’re already on the phone. Want to stay up-to-date during your holiday? We’ll sent you a list every day. You decide whether to call back.
  • Deluxe Desk Phone – Optional deluxe IP desk phones ($ 99) complete the traditional telephone system look. Great for everyone who doesn’t like calling via a pc. Can be connected to any RJ45 socket with internet. E.g. a home modem / router or office network.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a VoIP phone system important for small businesses?

According to experts, the best VoIP phone systems for small business use a single platform to provide many great features like cloud PBX with auto-attendant, unlimited extensions, team messaging, audio and video conferencing and high-definition voice calling. It can lead to savings for small businesses by using the existing internet to make calls instead of the rental of traditional phone lines. Also the capacity of a VoIP phone system is much more flexible and cost effective where it com in- and outgoing lines.

Why is a CRM solution a must have for small businesses?

A major benefit of having a CRM for small business is the ability to gather customer data in a structured way. Through such information, classifying customers based on their particular interests, needs or phase in a sales process, is much easier than ever. Giving your team members access to customers’ previous interactions with your company can help them provide better experiences to customers or making that sale. In the long run, this would mean better customer retention and increased revenue for your business.

How the best CRM system for small business can help improve workflow?

Small businesses often start with the common tools at hand to register and monitor their (potential) customer base. However, when the business grows, the use of manual processes like spreadsheets and sticky notes can be detrimental to business productivity. Time goes lost searching things, personal notes or scribbles are not stored centrally and hence, cannot be shared easily. With the help of CRM programs for small businesses, daily workflows can improve by removing process bottlenecks and standardising the workflow. Overall, the best CRM app for small business can boost the efficiency of the whole team ranging from customer service to sales.

How can we nurture leads and boost sales with the help of a customer relationship management software for small business?

The main benefit of a CRM system for small business is its capacity to increase revenues and streamline sales. The best CRM for small business can identify leads from the website and monitor them all throughout the whole process of sales. With a contact list of prospective customers, you can send them targeted email campaigns, make active outbound calls or send SMS’s with product promotions.

How How can CRM packages for small business help understand customers better?

With a CRM software for small business, you can collect customer information at the lowest level, especially when it integrates multiple channels. Standardising processes and combining them into one format, makes it possible to analyse such data and obtain important insights which can guide you in delivering business decisions that are more focused on the needs of your customers. When set up correctly, you can identify opportunities, assess customer behaviors and monitor trends.

How CRM programs for small businesses can lead to the adoption of best practices?

With so many challenges ahead of them, small businesses need to stay productive and profitable while keeping their costs low. The best CRM app for small business can assist them in adopting best practices. This can help them operate like a well-oiled machine while making sure that all their employees are on the same page. More importantly, CRM for small business can satisfy more customers, help the team to become more productive than ever and bring higher sales figures.

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*Monthly package price, prices in AUD ex GST. Includes 2 workstations logins + admin access account and all features as described on the pricing page. Need more work stations? You can add workstations instantly. You can cancel additional workstations (or your contract) per calendar month. Excludes call and other usage costs, these are charged via your Usage Credit wallet. See our pricing page for details on pricing model. No long term commitments, no exit or cancellation penalties, automatic renewal each month. You can cancel every calendar month. Contract term is maximum 1 calender month.

**No setup fees or other costs. When starting your trial, we will credit your usage wallet with $42.50 (incl GST) bonus credit. This bonus credit in your usage wallet can be spend towards any incoming or outgoing usage costs. Usage costs will be automatically charged to any available bonus amount first. The unused monthly Bonus Credit from this offer expires at the end of the trial period and cannot be carried over. See our terms and conditions for the complete Bonus Credit usage conditions. Costs for actual usage see our pricing structure on the pricing page.

Please select the number of workstations you need :

Monthly package fee

Price is excl. GST. The first month might differ if service(s) or items are added that attract a one-off setup fee or one-off charges, i.e. hardware items such as IP phones. Our packages can be canceled each calendar month, with no long-term commitment. Some promotions offer free Bonus Credits in your usage wallet/account. Please check the specific promotion for the details.