A cloud business phone system - redefined

Help your customers with the smartest cloud phone system on the market.

Tiggadesk consists of multiple modules that are natively integrated. These modules help you to communicate with your customers, and assist your team by making working together easier. The build-in and sophisticated module that is the cloud business phone system comes with all functionality and more that you would expect from a cloud pbx system. It includes a configurable IVR, phone menus for your callers, live statistics, queuing, voice mails, recordings and much more.

Tiggadesk can be setup online by anyone in a few minutes. It’s instantly active and you can use your tiggadesk telephone number immediately.


Base Pack PAYG: The base monthly fee for the platform, includes 1 admin and 2 workstations is AU$ 39.95* per calendar month. Additional workstation fee AU$ 8.99* per calendar month. For a quick quote based on the workstations you need click here.
Smart Pack: 
Minimal 2 workstations. A simple pricing structure of AU$ 89.00 per workstation covers most usage costs. See our pricing page for details.

cloud pbx system highlights

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    Instant scalable cloud phone system

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    Online instant customisable IVR

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    Skill-based routing

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    Team idle? Use auto outbound call list

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    Intelligent call queuing and distribution

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    Voice mail bank for callers

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    Live call monitoring and dashboard

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    Voice notes for internal transfers

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    Recording and coaching (whisper/barge)

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    Every in/outbound call automatically ticketed

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    call statistics and report export

Looking for a new phone system or upgrading an existing system?
Get the freedom to scale up or down when you need, take and make calls from wherever you are and create transparency. Tiggadesk offers all without need of making big investments or long commitments.

A cloud phone or cloud phone system or VoIP.
A cloud based phone is nothing more than a phone, that communicates with other telephone networks over your internet. It’s also called VoIP (Voice over IP, where IP stands for Internet Protocol) telephony. A cloud phone or a cloud phone system offer the same technology. However when you’re looking for a cloud business phone you’ll see that it also often referred to as a cloud phone system. This is simply because of the many more possibilities businesses need (hence a ‘system’) compared to a private person (just a cloud phone). ....

The difference between a cloud phone and a cloud system
Think of a cloud phone as your phone at home, and think when talking about a cloud business system as the pbx system telephone platform that businesses (used to) have. In the golden days of traditional telephony you’d have a box installed on office premises, where the incoming copper phone lines would connect at one side, and the internal office cabling to everyone’s desk phones on the other side. The pbx box would manage the in- and outbound calls, sometimes with the help of a human receptionist. ....

The internet and cloud telephony
If you currently have an office pbx box, tiggadesk replaces that with your own virtual cloud pbx that makes use of the internet to communicate between the different components. Instead of having a dedicated phone pbx box on your premises, tiggadesk phone module is a centralised pbx (or cloud pbx system) on a remote location. All the phones on the desks would connect to this cloud pbx system via the office (or home) internet network. On the other side of the cloud pbx a bridge to the existing telephone networks was built, creating a ‘hub’ between your office and the outside telecommunication networks. You can make or take calls on your computer, or if you like, have a dedicated VoIP desk phone, connected via a LAN cable or WiFi. ....

Advantage: instant capacity on demand
Typically a cloud phone system for businesses is used by multiple businesses who share the cloud pbx system box, since it has a virtually unlimited capacity. As a user, you can add team members at any time and the number of lines you need, automatically increase or decrease according to your needs. Instead of a fixed amount per line, you pay a fixed fee plus a variable fee for your share of computing power share. Our exact pricing model here. This scalability (or elasticity) makes it more flexible to run since the capacity (and costs) can be spread over more participants. Things like maintenance and upgrades are done centrally by tiggadesk; unlike in the past where you (as the owner of a pbx system) had that responsibility. You would have either needed someone to come into the office or have your own IT person to change a piece of hardware or perform upgrades. Nowadays, with platforms like tiggadesk, you can install a new phone in your office or change a call group yourself at any time. With a simple login you can add, delete, change call routings, IVR settings, add or delete new employees, all without any technical knowledge or having to involve a technician or phone specialist. ....

Distances don’t matter. Internal calling wherever team members are.
Your team doesn’t need to be in the same room, office, building, city or even country. Each user has a login to the cloud business phone system, and it doesn’t matter where they physically login. You can compare that with surfing to a website: it doesn’t matter whether you live in Australia and surf to a site in Germany, America or Africa. However, calling to an external (foreign) telephone destination makes use of the normal phone network and call cost charges do apply. ....

Cloud telephony = quality telephony
Nowadays, cloud telephony is as good or even better as traditional phone lines are. In the old days the servers were often in other countries, simply because that was cheaper to host and as a result of long distances, the quality was often not that great. However, the bandwidth and capacity between countries has improved massively over the last decade, and with that, the quality. By building and interconnecting vast networks of servers worldwide, ‘cloud servers’ were introduced. Multiple server (computer) farms which all communicate with each other, sharing workloads and serve you the content from the location, that is closest or best for you. And with all these technological steps forward, the quality of calling over the internet become extremely good. ....

Stay up-to-date with tiggadesk. A telephony platform like no other.
Tiggadesk is at the forefront of the technological revolution and offers a cloud phone system for big and small business, that incorporates multiple customer communication channels in one, easy to manage and flexible platform. Our platform handles, monitors, prioritises and distributes customer communication. New features and the latest AI technology is used to make sure that you can focus on helping your customers the best way. Just as what happened on mobile phones: from just a device to talk, these devices changed into mini computers incorporating a lot of different functions. Something that was considered impossible to do, even only 20 year ago. The latest developments lead to the next logical step: integrate communication and management modules with each other, make life less complex and improve the experience that your customers have when calling, emailing or chatting to you. ....

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How it looks on your computer and what to expect.

Tiggadesk turns your computer into a business phone system. You make and receive calls via an IP phone (softphone) on your computer using your headset. Alternatively you can connect physical dedicated IP desk phones. No matter how you connect, customer information is bundled and previous interactions are a click away. In any ticket, the notes at the front of it make sure that everybody is aware what was agreed or done before. In the CRM you can maintain customer data, exchange information with other existing programs and link emails, contact names and phone numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Tiggadesk with integrated interactive voice response (IVR)?

As a dependable cloud business phone, Tiggadesk can benefit businesses in a big way because it has in-built features like ticketing and an IVR. Major benefits of IVR include increased customer satisfaction because calls can be delivered quicker with the right person, greater professionalism, lower operational costs, better company and agent efficiency through transparency and insight in workloads, as well as significantly better first contact resolution.

An easy way to discover more how these elements work together, is to watch the videos on this page. Basics video #1 “calls and tickets” and basics video #2 “more about tickets”

What are the key features of Tiggadesk that makes it a great cloud phone system?

Tiggadesk is a complete cloud business phone system with multiple natively integrated modules. It has many great features for businesses including the exporting of call statistics and reports, automatic ticketing of inbound and outbound calls, recording and coaching, and voice notes for internal transfers. It also comes with a live call monitoring and dashboard, a voice mail bank for callers, as well as smart call queuing and call distribution. Other important features include an auto outbound call list for marketing follow-ups, skill-based routing, a customisable IVR and is completely scalable.

What is the only equipment required if we opt to use the Tiggadesk cloud based business phone system?

With the Tiggadesk cloud phone system, you don’t need an actual phone system at your site. You can install software phone (“softphones”) and use your computer as your phone: of course it is advisable to use a headset, like you’d use when using Whatsapp, Teams or Zoom. You can also connect SIP desk phones (see our special offer) which you just need to plug into your local area network. So with a computer with headset or a network connection and Internet Protocol (IP) handsets, you are all good to go.

If you want to know more about the IVR, ticketing and how that works within tiggadesk, click here to watch a the rookie guides (short videos).

What is a cloud pbx system and its main benefits?

A private branch exchange (PBX) system can give businesses important phone features such as voicemail, auto-attendant, call waiting, call-park, on-hold and call transfer. Being a hosted PBX for small business, Tiggadesk will serve as the host and there is no need for you to purchase, update or maintain a costly on-premise PBX service.

What are the benefits of using a cloud phone system for small business?

The use of a cloud based phone system for small business has many benefits. These include low capital costs, easy expansion and easy installation. Also, you don’t have to be an expert to operate the system and it can be used in multiple locations. Aside from portability, it also enables telecommuting for home offices and remote employees; so where their computer goes, their phone and workstation goes.

It is possible to use my cellphone as an extension?

Yes, you can. Any mobile phone or existing landline can be assigned to a tiggadesk workstation. However, this is far cost effective than using a soft phone (telephone software on your computer). A fully functional app that turns your mobile phone into a full tiggadesk workstation is being rolled out. In that case, your mobile will be avaible to your business calls via the tiggadesk-app and simultaneously you’ll have your normal (private) mobile phone number and line available. An ideal way to keep business and private separated without having to compromise on convenience of just carrying one device.

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Monthly package fee

Price is excl. GST. The first month might differ if service(s) or items are added that attract a one-off setup fee or one-off charges, i.e. hardware items such as IP phones. Our packages can be canceled each calendar month, with no long-term commitment. Some promotions offer free Bonus Credits in your usage wallet/account. Please check the specific promotion for the details.

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Tiggadesk is a truly unique cloud-based business phone system that has ticketing, email processing, texting and a crm natively built-in. It simplifies managing customers and managing your team, and saves you time and costs.

Upgrade your business now with the OneTeam trial package, fully functional and restriction free. Includes your own dedicated phone number, complete auto ticketing module, email-to ticket mailboxes, SMS module, a personalised IVR and a generous credit to spend whichever way you like.