A mission to create the best help desk software

A completely integrated omni-channel helpdesk ticketing system

Tiggadesk consists of multiple modules that are natively integrated. These modules help you to communicate with your customers, and assist your team by making working together easier. The build-in heart and sophisticated module is our ticketing module, that registers, catalogs and distributes the traffic on tiggadesk.

The ticketing system assists in ensuring that every customer is helped on time. It’s the bridge between the different communication channels your customer might have used. In a ticket everything comes together: the current request and any previous interactions.

The service desk software module highlights:

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    Automatic ticket creation

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    Automatic close process

  • no collision one at the time

    Anti-collision assignment process

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    Dead line management

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    Execute directly from ticket action button

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    Escalation to manager process

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    transferable between different teams

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    Keyword search in notes

  • data export to csv

    Ticket based csv (excel) data export

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    Unified form for all channels

More than a ticketing system

You might just be looking for a ticketing platform, to keep track of your customer request, but tiggadesk offers you so much more.

The tiggadesk platform does not only ticketing, but manages emails, processes notes, records customer data, can send outbound sms’s and has a complete business phone system, all completely integrated. If a customer uses multiple channels, such as calling and emailing, the platform combines them and presents these events in a transparent way.

For a quick summary of helpdesk and customer care functions, click here.

Work more efficient, search less

Tiggadesk and all functions are accessible from any location, with just one login, via the internet. Log in and when a customer calls or emails you, you can also see the linked phone calls, texts or the notes that other team members have made during previous contacts with this customer.


By natively integrating we achieved that actual interactions with customers are following the same logic. In conventional separate platforms for ticketing and emailing, you have to switch from one to another and vice versa. Or when someone calls open a ticketing module.

In tiggadesk, the ticket opens when an actions starts, and within the ticket you’ll find action-buttons to direct call, write an sms, send an email, add a task and so on. We’re working hard adding more functions to tiggadesk so you can cover your customer communication with 1 unified program.

CRM module also included

Besides the ticketing heart, tiggadesk also stores your customer data in its own CRM (that you can sync with an existing CRM or contact management platform you use). Here for instance, you can link the customer’s mail address and phone number.

Combining means transparency and flexibility 

Tiggadesk’s concept is to replace multiple programs or even multiple systems that you might use today. Besides the ticketing and managing your emails, it revolutionises your business telephone system. It provides you with the flexibility to answer and deal with customers from any location. Tiggadesk is instantly scalable and can cater for teams from 2 upwards.


Having the customer data in one place, means that you also get instant insight in how your business performs since everything is shown in a standardises form. Simpler said, you can compare apples with apples, and every action is equally measured without bias. This data provides you with the information to improve your business and simplify the way the team works.

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How does our ticketing platform look like?

Tiggadesk’s ticketing system is the heart of the platform and forms the bridge between all the build-in communication tools. In every ticket ticket, the notes made by team members are at the front to make sure that everybody is aware what was agreed or done before. In the CRM you can maintain customer data, exchange information with other existing programs and link emails, contact names and phone numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using an it ticketing system like Tiggadesk?

The aim of Tiggadesk is to make communications and the monitoring of things much simpler. It started as a business phone in which a ticketing system was integrated. Later on, other great features were integrated such as sending sms and emails, assigning tasks, writing notes and many more. Other communication channels are soon to be converted and added.

The basis of ticketing originates in IT ticketing systems, but IT ticket management software can be applied to many other businesses, because ticketing makes issues transparent and easier to understand. Standardising processes into tickets makes additional training obsolete and saves training time. With Tiggadesk’s integrated platform, your business will have the best help desk software and will no longer need multiple systems, multiple payments and even multiple licenses.

An easy way to discover more how these elements work together, is to watch the videos on this page. Basics video #1 “calls and tickets” and basics video #2 “more about tickets”

How easy is it to set up the Tiggadesk it support ticketing system?

Help desk software like Tiggadesk is completely hassle-free to set up. Designed to be configured automatically, this helpdesk ticketing’s module is up and running in just a matter of minutes. You will be provided with setup instructions, a phone number, access accounts, usernames and passwords. The package price is very affordable because a lot of processes have been automated.

If you get stuck somehow, help is never far away. Check our support or contact us pages for your local support number.

How can a seamlessly integrated support ticket system like Tiggadesk help your business?

To ensure that any customer is never overlooked, a business can install and use tools such as CRM modules and help desk ticketing software. When these are seamlessly integrated into a business phone and email processing system, you are 100% sure that all your customers and their concerns are well taken care of. With the Tiggadesk help desk software, you don’t need several software programs. Instead of choosing separate systems for phone calls, emails and ticketing, Tiggadesk is a single platform with an already integrated phone, email, sms and other communication channels that are widely used by customers. And with its no lock-in contracts or  upfront costs, you no longer need major investments.

If you want to know more about the IVR, ticketing and how that works within tiggadesk, click here to watch a the rookie guides (short videos).

How can Tiggadesk benefit small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) and even much smaller organisations?

More than anywhere else, in smaller companies and organisations, employees are facing multiple tasks which they have to do simultaneously. Having a dependable service desk software such as Tiggadesk, will allow your business to look more professional at all levels, and ensures that every enquiry is addressed. With its high degree of automation, SMEs are able to save time by working more efficiently while making sure that every customer concern is well attended to by an agent.

Do I have to spend so much to get a reliable customer help desk software like Tiggadesk?

No, the Tiggadesk customer help desk software is not expensive because it is already an all-in-one package deal. There are no upfront investments since your new telephone and helpdesk software will use your existing computer and internet. In the long run, your business will no longer need to spend much on costly hardware, updates and other separate systems. With a monthly charge, we got everything covered including a dedicated telephone number and features like crm, email processor, sip telephony connection, sms connector and ticketing. Feel free to contact us for more details.

All details regarding our pricing, click here.

When using the Tiggadesk ticket management software, will there be a problem if my business decides to increase or decrease its workstations?

With the Tiggadesk help desk support software, increasing or decreasing your workforce is never a problem. By simply logging in to your admin account, you can easily have additional workstations right away. New employees can start right on the spot with the received credentials. In case you need to decrease workstations, the process is just as easy and as hassle-free as adding any extra workstations. You can cancel stations until the very last day of every calendar month!

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Tiggadesk is a truly unique cloud-based business phone system that has ticketing, email processing, texting and a crm natively built-in. It simplifies managing customers and managing your team, and saves you time and costs.

Upgrade your business now with the OneTeam trial package, fully functional and restriction free. Includes your own dedicated phone number, complete auto ticketing module, email-to ticket mailboxes, SMS module, a personalised IVR and a generous credit to spend whichever way you like.