An integrated email management system.

A built-in email ticketing software module that keeps track of every customer's email.

The easiest way to monitor, share and manage emails and attachments from wherever you or others are located. Accidental working on the same email, forgetting to answer or lack of overview who does or has done what, are problems of the past. 


Email Management

Emails are managed by the tiggadesk ticketing module. This is an automated process that registers every incoming and outgoing emails. This process is central and cloud-based. The ticketing module subsequently distributes and monitors the emails, for instance whether answering deadlines that you set, are met. In the supervisor module, you can always see the status, in which part of the process they are and what has been done.

The template module allows you to define templates, which enables you to quickly answer common questions or quick quotes. Using tokens, you automatically personalise these templates and save time. Using a template, your also know that your team will always send out emails of a consistent standard and quality. 

Easy to get started
With tiggadesk your get special dedicated email-to-ticket mail boxes. These unique mailboxes automatically convert incoming mails into tickets. The tickets go automatically into a pool (workflow) where you and your team members see them and work on them. Simply forward your incoming emails to your tiggadesk email address and the rest is automatic.

Our integrated email ticketing system highlights:

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    Easy sharing and distribution

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    in/outgoing mails automatically ticketed

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    No collision - prevents double work

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    Skill based routing/distribution

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    Event time line shows all customer interaction

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    Cloud based centralised storage

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    Template bank for fast answers

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    Event tracking and monitoring

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    Data export for analysis

Manage more than just emails

Perhaps your just looking for a way to improve management of your emails (which our tiggamail module definitely does), but tiggadesk can offer you so much more.

The tiggadesk platform does not only manage emails, but simultaneously processes notes, customer data, outbound sms and even has a complete business phone system completely integrated. If a customer uses multiple channels, such as calling and emailing, the platform combines them and presents these events in an transparent way.

This creates a workflow that is transparent for every one and easy to manage.

Integrating means more efficient working and less searching

Tiggadesk is accessible from any location via the internet. When a customer emails you, you can also see the linked phone calls, texts or the notes that other team members have made during previous contacts with this customer. One login gets you to work.

CRM module also included

Besides the ticketing heart, tiggadesk also stores your customer data in its own CRM (that you can sync with an existing CRM or contact management platform you use). Here for instance, you can link the customer’s mail address and phone number.

Combining means transparency and flexibility

Tiggadesk replaces multiple programs or systems that you might use today. Besides managing your emails, it revolutionises your business telephone system and provides you with the flexibility to answer and deal with customers from any location. Tiggadesk is instantly scalable.


Having the customer data in one place, means that you also get instant insight in how your business performs. It will show you how often customers call you, or how many emails go back and forward before issues are completed or that important sale is realised. This data provides you with the information to improve your business and simplify the way the team works.

The same format means even more advantages

Since everything in your tiggadesk is converted into tickets, you can export and compare data easily: it is already all in the same format. It’s not only easy for data export and comparison, it also makes adapting to new channels a quick action. The advantage of having to explain only one platform to a new team member. No matter the channel, all basic functions are the same, which reduces overall training time significantly. It will take significantly less time than having to induce someone to several systems. Via the contact CRM you can link a phone number and email address, which ensures that all information is nicely bundled. Any attachments send by the customer are automatically linked and stored in the cloud and available to the relevant team members. Define your own templates to speed up answering standard questions or for instance quotations. The base monthly fee for the platform with all its features, including 1 admin and 2 workstations, is AU$ 39.95* per calendar month. Additional workstations AU$ 8.99* per calendar month. For a quick quote based on the workstations you need, click here. ....

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How it looks on your computer and what to expect.

Tiggadesk’s integrated emailing, ticketing, notes, CRM, sms and telephone platform bundles customer data and finding previous interactions are just a click away. In any ticket, the notes at the front of it make sure that everybody is aware what was agreed or done before. In the CRM you can maintain customer data, exchange information with other existing programs and link emails, contact names and phone numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important for a business to have a good email response management system?

A business can benefit from a good mail management system because it allows the agents to increase customer support without compromising the quality of customer experience and without losing the personal touch. A good system should make your customer support strategies stronger and help improve the quality of each interaction.

An easy way to discover more how these elements work together, is to watch the videos.

How can having the best email ticketing system lead to happier customers?

With the help of an email ticketing system, your business will be equipped with problem-solving tools that could empower your team and streamline communication. All these would allow your business to deliver a remarkable customer service. With the right email ticketing software, your business will have greater transparency and accountability combined with speedier responses. These are the business qualities that could make customers really happy and satisfied.

What are the key features of leading email management platforms?

The top email management systems usually have features like dependable reporting capabilities, personalised emails to customers, internal collaboration and multiple mailboxes but are focussed on one aspect only. Keep in mind that the best one should allow the seamless integration of other commonly used platforms such as ticketing, SMS, phone calls and many more.

Why is Tiggadesk a better choice over the other email management systems?

As a highly dependable cloud communication system, Tiggadesk’s email management system  makes managing of customer communications easier to process. Furthermore, it also has a ticketing, interactive voice response (IVR) and business phone system all integrated into a single platform.

What are the other benefits of using the Tiggadesk mailbox management software?

Tiggadesk has more to offer than just improving the management of emails. The other key advantages of using this system include easier email sharing and distribution, the prevention of double work as well as skill based routing and distribution. Furthermore, no important email could be missed because outgoing and incoming emails are to be ticketed automatically by the system. Tiggadesk also comes with data exporting, event monitoring and tracking, and a cloud centralised storage. Every customer transaction would also have an event timeline wherein we could see the different interaction with that particular customer.

Why is the use of a single format more advantageous for any business?

Tiggadesk will convert everything into tickets. With everything having the same format, you only have to explain once how these tickets work, regardless of the communication channel an incoming enquiry uses. This makes getting new team members up to speed faster and easier.   Additionally, this is also good because all the information can be easily exported and compared when needed. When the fundamental functions are all the same, the amount of time needed to train everyone is significantly reduced.

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Tiggadesk is a truly unique cloud-based business phone system that has ticketing, email processing, texting and a crm natively built-in. It simplifies managing customers and managing your team, and saves you time and costs.

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