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Why would my business need a cloud phone system with ticketing?

The answer is simple, increase efficiency. This is why big enterprises are using these tools – to ensure continuity in their growth. Tools that organise their work and help ensure all incoming communication is handled. Their sophisticated technology helps them to work more efficient, have less stress and create happier customers.

With Tiggadesk you can use this technology. It brings the most used communication channels together in a central spot and in an universal format (a ticket). The tool collects emails and phone numbers, takes messages, and tells you why customers are contacting you. Available 24/7 to you and your customers, portable and instantly scalable, it makes running a business easier.


The answer is simple, increase efficiency. This is why big enterprises are using these tools to continue to grow.

How do sole traders, tradesmen of small companies benefit?

Especially as a ‘1 man’ or ‘few men show’, everyone wears multiple hats. We give you a tool to smoothly run your business in a cost effective, time saving and easy way. It’s a matter of simply making a habit of working through your open tickets and close them when done. You’re assured that you haven’t missed an important email or customer telephone call.

Customers call me directly on my mobile instead of calling the office

Customers think calling you directly is better, although your office team can help them just as well. On the one hand sometimes annoying, on the other it keeps you in touch with what is really happening.

What if you would be able to still get all incoming calls on your mobile, but can decide on the spot (eg because you recognize who is calling) to answer or send the caller to the office?

Simply answer or reject the incoming call. Upon rejecting, the call will automatically redirect to your team. If there’s no answer, voice mail and the automatically created ticket ensures that no single call goes missing.

What are the office set-up requirements?

You need internet access, a computer with web browser and either an IP phone or a softphone (with headset on your computer). For more details, click here.

Can I use a physical phone on my desk?

Yes, if you prefer having a physical phone on your desk instead of using “phone-like” software on your computer, you can connect a physical IP or VOIP phone to tiggadesk. A number of our clients are using the Fanvil X3S, which we can supply a very competitive price.

How do you charge?

There are “monthly charges” and “usage charges”.

Monthly charges cover the number of agent workstations, dedicated telephone number(s), a 1300 number fee (if applicable), email addresses and your access to all features. These charges are prepaid per calendar month and deducted from your nominated credit card at the start of each calendar month. You can cancel this subscription at any time before the end of each calendar month (so up until 11:59pm at the end of each calendar month!).

Usage charges are costs that you pay on a “pay-as-you-go”-basis and deducted from your Usage Wallet. The usage wallet can be manually or automatically topped up. Positive balances in your usage wallet will be returned to you (minus a processing/admin fee) when you cancel.

All details regarding our pricing, click here.

Why is tiggadesk cheaper than other call/mail/ticketing solution?

Traditionally you would have to rent a telephone system with 4 or 8 lines. But how often are they all in use? It’s much smarter to shrink or expand capacity according to your needs. Paying fixed sums for things only needed occasionally, is a thing from the past.

The basis of our platform is scalability and elasticity. It has the ability to assign capacity dynamically over its ticketing, telephone, emailing and SMS modules. With tiggadesk you use the same flexible technology as the big corporate players, at an affordable price.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription by a few simple clicks within your admin or supervisor portal. Cancel any time before the next calendar month starts. Log in with your supervisor account and go to management – setup. Alternatively call our customer service team.

If you cancel, any amounts that you have uploaded in your Usage Wallet will be returned to you within 10 working days. See the t&c’s for detailed information.

Are there statistics?

You can export all email and call (ticket) data to excel. And with the real time dashboard you’ll have instant and real time insight in the team’s occupation and the individual team member’s performance.

What is in your trial package?

Everything: the complete suite of tools.

A business phone system to handle multiple calls on a virtually endless number of incoming lines combined with a customisable IVR (interactive voice response platform). SIP accounts for the registered team members. A dedicated email box that turns every incoming email into a ticket. An SMS module that enables you to send messages to your customers.

The trial package includes all setup costs and on top we put more than $40 credit in your Usage wallet. See features for details.

What can you do with the provided tiggadesk telephone number?

You can advertise this number or divert your current telephone traffic to it. If you have a 1300 or 1800 number you terminate the traffic on your tiggadesk number.

The tiggadesk telephone number gives you an almost unlimited number of incoming lines; even if you set up a diversion from your existing number. No more set costs for 4 or 8 fixed lines, but as many lines as you need at any time. Never a busy tone or missed opportunity again.

Can you also provide a 1300 number in Australia?

Yes we can. During your signup simply tick the box “order 1300 number”. It will be automatically provisioned and instantly activated.

If you’re already a tiggadesk customer, you can order a 1300 via the webshop section in your admin or supervisor account.

How many customers can call my number simultaneously?

Multiple customers can call your tiggadesk number simultaneously, and they will never encountering a busy tone. Whether it’s 2 or 10 people calling at the same time. Standard our package has 10 incoming lines and a virtually unlimited number of outgoing lines.

You don’t pay for the lines, but for the usage. So if you have 10 customers simultaneously calling your system and your 12 workstations are all coincidentally making outbound calls (so you’re using 10+12=22 lines), the callers will be queued until someone ends the conversation. The caller can wait, leave a message or simply hang up, since tiggadesk has already ensured to catch the callers number before putting them in the queue.

So in contrast with conventional systems, where you have to set the number of lines (and pay a fee per line), tiggadesk’s capacity is much higher and scalable. And you still only pay for the usage of those lines. No calls? No line charges!

I’m busy, is there a message bank (voice mail) for my customers?

Yes. Customers can always leave a voice mail message. When it’s out of office hours, when they’re waiting in the queue or when there’s no team member available. You can listen to messages left via the portal, via your SIP phone or by calling the voicemail line when you’re out and about.

I’m on a call, what happens to a subsequent caller?

When you’re on a call, we’ll transfer the call to the next available team member that are assigned to your group. If everyone’s busy – or you’re the only one – we’ll park the next caller(s) in a waiting queue. The dashboard shows that there’s customers queuing. You can set how long you want a customer to wait in the queue: when the max time is reached, the caller will hear a message that you will call them back.

Can I even send SMS’s from tiggadesk?

Yes. You can send an SMS directly from the platform. This can be helpful to remind a customer of a delivery or confirming an appointment. You can write an SMS via the action buttons in a ticket.

What are email or SMS templates?

Using templates saves time. They avoid that you have to write the same thing over and over again, and make use of data that is already in tiggadesk. Think of the customer’s name, address or telephone number. Why retype when it’s already there? You can use our predefined templates or build them from the scratch.

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Tiggadesk is a truly unique cloud-based business phone system that has ticketing, email processing, texting and a crm natively built-in. It simplifies managing customers and managing your team, and saves you time and costs.

Upgrade your business now with the OneTeam trial package, fully functional and restriction free. Includes your own dedicated phone number, complete auto ticketing module, email-to ticket mailboxes, SMS module, a personalised IVR and a generous credit to spend whichever way you like.