Advantages and Features

  • Calling, emailing, ticketing and contact management in one login
  • Cloud based, location independent: work from any location
  • Create transparency using standardised processes
  • Decrease errors, double work and identify improvement points
  • Increase employee output, ownership, accountability
  • Real-time dashboard (team vs individual performance)
  • High ROI: low cost & instant setup create value in short time
  • Instantly scalable to your needs, no lock in contracts
  • Improve handling time/quality using SMS/Email templates
  • Improve control: call, recording and email monitoring
  • Identify trends early by using ticket keyword searches
  • Exchange data with existing systems using Zapier
  • Scalable cloud-based telephone system
  • Every call converted into ticket
  • Customisable automated answering system (IVR)
  • Live dashboard to monitor calls
  • Intelligent call queueing when workstation busy
  • Voice mail bank for callers
  • Full call recordings and coaching built in
  • Up to 5 departments/categories in IVR menu/sub-menus
  • Skip queue (priority routing) for VIP callers
  • Skill-based routing and queuing
  • Voice note for internal call transfer
  • Detailed call statistics and reports
  • All Incoming emails automatically ticketed
  • Email answering templates
  • Easy sharing with anti-colliding (no double work)
  • Event timeline combines calls, emails, sms
  • Keep track on email progress and pending emails
  • Centralised email attachment storage
  • Auto-ticket emails from your own email address
  • Ticket based data export & reports (CSV/Excel)
  • Standardised ticket makes processing emails and calls easy
  • Standardised ticket decreases team training time
  • Shared access to customer history shortens handling
  • Event timeline shows all customer interactions
  • Decreased customer irritation and improved customer experience
  • Clear progress and status of tickets
  • Create a 24/7 caller self help phone menu
  • Text customers with built-in SMS module
  • Speed up email answering with customisable templates
  • Configurable 2 level customer service / helpdesk
  • Skill based email and call routing
  • Automatic Outbound Calling mechanism
  • Keyword search in ticket notes for analytic purposes
  • Ticket based data export & reports

Full Feature List

Telephone platform

Email platform

Ticketing platform

SMS platform

CRM platform

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More than just an intelligent cloud based telephone system, tiggadesk is a single login, omni-channel communication solution. No matter what size your business, you have the same technology as the big enterprises, professional call & contact centres and support & sales desks on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Try and experience tiggadesk. You’ll get the OneTeam Power package, fully functional and restriction free. Including your own dedicated phone number, email-to ticket mailboxes, SMS module, a personalised IVR and a generous credit to spend whichever way you like.