Telephone SystemsHow Internet Based Telephone Systems Can Benefit Your Business?

A cloud-based telephone service, also referred to as internet based telephone systems, Internet telephony, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a telephone system that operates over the Internet rather than on conventional telephone lines. A collection of phones that works together to route all calls via an Internet network is used by cloud based phone solutions. It does not rely on on-premise hardware, which means that the expensive maintenance and infrastructure necessary for a conventional telephone line system can be avoided by your company. You only need a broadband Internet link with web based business phone systems, and all the switching and routing takes place in the cloud; The centralised cloud server is ‘hooked’ up to the traditional phone networks and thus you can start making calls to other companies and persons.

Reasons for using phone services based on the Cloud for your business


The first and most appealing element of cloud-based telecommunications systems is that they are cost-effective. They are actually an economical alternative to conventional telephone systems. The only extra expense of getting a cloud-based telecommunications service is the implementation of the Internet, so you only have to pay for the setup costs and monthly payments. Nowadays, every business has an internet connection, so in the majority of cases, even the internet connection is not regarded as an additional cost.


Reliable and effective communication is essential for organizations of any size, from a one-person start-up to a multinational corporation with thousands of workers. Any downtime in contact and the organization is likely to lose precious time and resources. You don’t have to think about service downtime with a cloud-based phone system.


Many companies start out small and then start expanding, hiring hundreds, even thousands of people. Your phone system will expand with your company with the internet based telephone systems. It’s quick and convenient to add or delete phone lines, extensions, and more functions. To configure the whole device, administrators just have to use their admin screen in the portal that they got with their web based telephone system.


Security threats such as phishing, intercepted calls, fraud, and spoofing more and more more threaten the security of your devices. A cloud-based phone system would provide you and your organization with more protection than many a conventional phone system can, though you should still be aware of these risks. Standard on-site phone equipment is typically kept in a storage closet, where it can be reached by anyone: cloud based systems are hosted in server-centres with very limited access and high security.

Mobility Intervention

You have more freedom about how and where you operate with a cloud-based phone system. Also in remote locations like a home office or while on-the-go during a business trip, the employees can access the office cloud communication. A mobile application for smartphones and tablets is also provided by some providers. These apps come with all the functionality and features of the cloud phone system and will allow your staff to gain access to real-time information from any device they choose.

Auto updates

You don’t have to think about maintenance when it comes to cloud-based phone systems. Both new functionalities and bug fixes are added to the platform that is hosted in the data center of the cloud telephony provider. As they are released, these updates are then automatically rolled out and added to your company’s telephone system. Instead of handling maintenance and getting updates to your phone system, you can concentrate on running your business.