Bundles: 1300/1800 numbers

Adding a 1300 number to your business is the 1st step towards more growth. Next step? Maximise the ROI of your 1300 with our tiggadesk 1300 bundle. The smartest 1300 bundle on the market.

With ONE LOGIN from your browser, regardless of where you are, you’ll be calling and answering your 1300 calls, making calls and processing emails. On top, you can send SMS’s and the customer’s previous interactions with your company are presented in an easy way, so everyone can see what was agreed or what happened before. A ticket pool (work flow) shows you what’s pending and what needs to be done next.

Special offer! Now with 6 months $ 19.95 Free Bonus Credit to spend towards usage.

1300 number cost incl business cloud phone system & IVR: from $59.90/mth. Free monthly $19.95 usage bonus credit!**

Limited time offer – unbelievable value. Instant activation. Includes:

  • 1300 number

    Scalable platform with integrated 1300 number. The most complete package on the market.

  • Business phone system

    Cloud-based telephony system incl IVR, 2 workstations, 10 incoming lines, voice mails and work anywhere (and much more).

  • Ticketing and CRM

    Native integrated ticketing platform and CRM platform

  • Emailing

    Your tiggadesk mailboxes automatically convert received emails into tickets.

  • Text SMS sending

    Send SMS text messages to your customers to remind them of that promotion or appointment

  • Bonus Credit 6x $19.95!

    Get 6 months $19.95 bonus credit in your usage account.

A system like no other

If you’re thinking of adding a 1300 number in Australia to your business, improve the way you deal with this incoming customer traffic. You’ll save time and money!

Instant Price Quote. Click here to find out the monthly basic package price for your team, and add $19.95 for the 1300 number fee. More detailed? Then go to our pricing page for all pricing details.

So much included! An automatic phone system (or IVR “Press 1 to go to sales, press 2 for service”, etc.), queueing, mailboxes, answering the phone in your company name, detailed reports, customisable call routings, multiple groups or departments, are all inclusive in your package. On top of that, with integrated ticketing, email and texting you only need one login, from any location to stay in touch with your customers.

Tiggadesk is flexibility and freedom. Working daily with it ourselves, we’re excited and know its many advantages and it’s great value. Therefore: no lock-in contracts, no  termination penalties or big commitments. Unhappy? You can port our 1300 number to any other provider.

Complex? You’ll need a computer, standard headset and internet. Our minimum package has 2 workstations (virtual desks with telephone) + admin access included.

What do I need?

All you need is and internet connection, a pc or laptop and a headset to set up the workstations. Follow the instructions to set up the IP phones and you’re in business.

How do I start?

Click the “order 1300+tiggadesk” button, select how many people in your team answer customer calls and emails. We’ll do the rest. Your 1300 number and your tiggadesk integrated platform are activated in minutes and instantly usable. It’s beautifully simple. We know you’ll love it!

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support ticket system
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Screen previews

Tiggadesk turns your computer into a phone system. You can make and receive calls via an IP phone (softphone) and you computer your headset. Alternatively you can connect physical dedicated IP desk phones. No matter how you connect, customer information is bundled and previous interactions are a click away. In any ticket, the notes at the front of it make sure that everybody is aware what was agreed or done before. In the CRM you can maintain customer data, exchange information with other existing programs and link emails, contact names and phone numbers.

Your advantages:

A 1300 number bundled with our unique platform form an unbeatable package. You’ll be taking looking after your customers to a whole new level.

1300/1800 Business Phone Numbers in Australia – Improve the Accessibility of Your Business

  • Accessibility – Encourage customers to reach out to you at local call cost.
  • Continuity – When moving address, cities or even country, your Australian 1300 customer phone number will always stay the same.
  • Save time and money Don’t use multiple programs, logins, or pay for multiple licenses and premises based phone systems
  • Portable Away being stuck to the office or diverting calls to mobiles. Use a tiggadesk workstation from any location.
  • Transparent – All employees work according the same method, which makes customer issues easy identifiable and individual team member performance transparent.
  • Sharing – Don’t depend on individual mailboxes, individual mobile phones or fixed phone lines. Get more out of the team: having a central pool where everyone has access to makes sharing info easy. Previous interactions with customers are bundled and shown automatically, makes answering questions or follow-up calls a breeze for everyone.
  • Convenient No more sticky notes, scribbles or internal emails to explain things to each other. And everything at hand, wherever you are.

About 1300 versus 1800 numbers

For your customers, calling a 1800 is free and calling a 1300 is charged as a local call. In case of a 1800 number, you pay the cost for the call instead of the caller. Using a 1300 number, the caller pays the rate as if they’re calling a local number, no matter their location. You pay the difference in price if the caller is outside of the local area where the call is terminated.

The 1300 numbers are more popular than 1800 numbers simply because they’re customer-friendly, but much cheaper to run than 1800 numbers.

Both are however an excellent tool to build brand value: no matter where your business takes you in the future, your customers will always be able to contact you on the same number.

*Minimum contract term is maximum 1 calender month.

** Conditions apply. From price = $39.95 for the OneTeam Package (2 workstations + admin) + $19.95 for the 1300 number fee. A one-time setup fee for 1300/1800 numbers of $24.95 applies and will be charged when signing up. From the activation day you will receive each month the 1300 number fee ($19.95) as a credit in your usage bonus credit wallet for the duration of 6 months. This bonus credit in your usage wallet you can spend towards any incoming or outgoing usage costs. Usage costs will be automatically charged to any available bonus amount first. The unused monthly Bonus Credit from this offer expires at the start of the next calendar month and cannot be carried over. See our terms and conditions for the complete Bonus Credit usage conditions. Costs for actual usage see our pricing structure on the pricing page. Detailed reports included. No long term commitments, no exit or cancellation penalties, automatic renewal each month. Need more? Add workstations instantly. You can cancel additional workstations (or your contract) per calendar month. Minimum Tiggadesk package price (including 2 work stations + admin access) first month $ 84.85 ($24.95+$39.95+$19.95) + usage costs, following months minimum package price $59.90. Prices in AUD ex GST. Please see our pricing page for all details of our charging model..

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Please select the number of workstations you need :

Monthly package fee

Price is excl. GST. The first month might differ if service(s) or items are added that attract a one-off setup fee or one-off charges, i.e. hardware items such as IP phones. Our packages can be canceled each calendar month, with no long-term commitment. Some promotions offer free Bonus Credits in your usage wallet/account. Please check the specific promotion for the details.