Phone & Email center for SME’s

In a typical SME environment team, members play multiple roles. And in teams where every member has so many things to do, keeping track of incoming customer calls and emails is challenging. The recent need for remote working puts even more stress on SME’s. Sure, there are solutions to all these problems, but most of them are designed with big enterprises or corporations in mind and have a matching price tag.

What does it do?

Tiggadesk replaces your office desk phones with internet-based telephones. Instead of using personal mailboxes we bring the emails together in a centralised spot and make them easily shareable. Smart routing delivers calls or emails to the right team member. And the ticketing systems assists everyone in monitoring their deliverables, so that every customer gets a timely answer.

Tiggadesk has all the enterprise grade functionality that you need, without the unwanted complexity. At a much better price than other comparable platforms that combine these functions. Tiggadesk is built by an SME for SME’s, because we know where you’re coming from.

Phone & Email center for SME

What do I need?

All you need is and internet connection, a pc or laptop and a headset.

Tiggadesk is pre-configured so you don’t have start setting it up from scratch. Our SME configuration saves valuable setup time and is tailor made at no extra cost, but still fully customisable if you want to make changes.  Tiggadesk provides the ideal time saving starting point for every business wanting to give their customers the most effective service.

Your advantages:

  • Direct-to-Desk or Phone menu – Calls are answered in your name and either go to a menu or direct to the workstations. You can configure an IVR menu at any time. And unlike a traditional phone system, there are no fixed number of lines. You simply pay per use with our auto scaling. You can log in from anywhere.
  • Ticketing – This setup seems like a traditional office phone system but gives you ultimate control and insight in your communication flow. Auto call ticketing, email ticketing, and all other tiggadesk features.
  • Flexible Instant Capacity – Tax Time and lots of calls? Marketing action? Temporary 2 extra team members? No matter whether you have 2 or 20 incoming calls simultaneously, all calls will be answered, queued and registered. No caller will ever hear a busy tone. Create and delete work stations at any time. No lock-in contracts.
  • Missed call reminders sms/email – For calls received outside office hours, but also those coming in when you’re already on the phone. Want to stay up-to-date during your holiday? We’ll sent you a list every day and you decide whether to call back.
  • Deluxe Desk Phone – Optional deluxe IP desk phones ($ 99) complete the traditional telephone system look. Great for everyone who doesn’t like calling via a pc. Can be connected to any RJ45 socket with internet. E.g. a home modem / router or office network.

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