An e commerce ticketing system that is part of your customer communication.

We've made Customer service for ecommerce easy with our omni channel platform.

They say, for every complaint you need 10 happy customers to make up for the damage. What makes your e-commerce business or web shop stand out?

Start by making it easy for your customers to contact you, and ensure they’re never overlooked or missed. An easy win for your reputation! Replace your current fixed or mobile contact number, use a dedicated number that registers, tracks and prioritises your customer calls, emails, notes and more. So let’s add flexibility and build trust, increased reputation and more happy returning customers. At an unbelievable price!

e-commerce customer service: our platform highlights

Support your online shoppers with the best customer service and a complete communication platform. Only $39.95 monthly fee for 2 workstations. Our welcome gift: A$42.50 bonus usage credit**

  • Phone system with IVR

    A cloud-based telephony system, IVR, voice mail, multiple lines, 2 workstations (and much more).

  • Ticketing and CRM

    Build-in ticketing platform automatically registers & prioritises calls, emails and notes. And: integrated CRM.

  • SMS texts sending

    Use SMS to confirm the postage of a parcel, your promotion or an address to return an item to.

  • Emailing

    Forward your current customer emails to your tiggadesk mailboxes. Automatically converted into tickets.

  • Bonus Credit

    Time saving & pre-configured. Offer: start a trial and we’ll give you $42.50 bonus usage credit!

What does it do?

Tiggadesk replaces your current (mobile) phone with a capital city telephone number. You can add telephone numbers from other cities, 1300’s or overseas numbers to your tiggadesk. Give your customers the feeling that you’re a ‘local business’.

Your calls, emails, notes are brought together in a centralised spot. We create a ‘communication file’ for each customer that bundles their contact history. Files are easily shareable and accessible via one secure log-in. Taking and making calls is done via the web. The pre-configured phone system has a menu, waiting queue, message bank, email-boxes for automatic ticketing and progress monitoring, SMS sending module and much more. Speed up your work with custom templates to answer emails swiftly. Tickets ensure you can keep track and on top of everyone’s to-do list.

Get rid of those post-it notes and stop switching between a variety of programs. There’s plenty of other things to worry about.

What do I need?

All you need is and internet connection, a pc or laptop and a headset.

Our dedicated web shop/e-commerce solution is pre-configured, saving you valuable time. Fully customisable if you want to make changes.

How can I start?

Click start the trial, select how many people in your team answer customer calls and emails and we’ll do the rest. Activated in minutes and instantly usable. It’s beautifully simple. We know you’ll love it!

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Your advantages:

  • Adds professionalism and trust to your website instantly – A tiggadesk local fixed line telephone number adds instant trust and gives your business more authority than advertising a mobile number. Our professional option menu will further enhance your customer’s first impression. 
  • Decrease stress and improve efficiency with our Enterprise-grade contact center tools – Tiggadesk has all the functionality used in enterprise grade contact centres. Manage and process incoming queries without the technical hassle or unnecessary costly options. Our system is cloud based and scalable with virtually unlimited call lines, voice mail, call queueing, email and SMS.
  • The freedom to work from anywhere – Tiggadesk is a customer communication centre that follows you wherever you go. Have in internet connection and your laptop? Talk and mail with your customers from anywhere. Even from the beach!
  • Tiggadesk is scalable, so we grow with your business – Your business may already be big, you may have big plans, or your year-on-year sales are growing steadily. No matter what stage your business is at, tiggadesk changes instantly with your needs.
  • Gain insights into customers and team performance – Tiggadesk allows you to analyse key figures and indexes (KPI’s), providing insight into how your business is running. What are your customers asking? Why are they calling? Do your team require coaching? You’ll understand your customer’s needs as well as have visibility to your team’s communication and performance.

*Monthly package price, prices in AUD ex GST. Includes 2 workstations logins + admin access account and all features as described on the pricing page. Need more work stations? You can add workstations instantly. You can cancel additional workstations (or your contract) per calendar month. Excludes call and other usage costs, these are charged via your Usage Credit wallet. See our pricing page for details on pricing model. No long term commitments, no exit or cancellation penalties, automatic renewal each month. You can cancel every calendar month. Contract term is maximum 1 calender month.

**No setup fees or other costs. When starting your trial, we will credit your usage wallet with $42.50 (incl GST) bonus credit. This bonus credit in your usage wallet can be spend towards any incoming or outgoing usage costs. Usage costs will be automatically charged to any available bonus amount first. The unused monthly Bonus Credit from this offer expires at the end of the trial period and cannot be carried over. See our terms and conditions for the complete Bonus Credit usage conditions. Costs for actual usage see our pricing structure on the pricing page.

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Please select the number of workstations you need :

Monthly package fee

Price is excl. GST. The first month might differ if service(s) or items are added that attract a one-off setup fee or one-off charges, i.e. hardware items such as IP phones. Our packages can be canceled each calendar month, with no long-term commitment. Some promotions offer free Bonus Credits in your usage wallet/account. Please check the specific promotion for the details.