Customer service ticketing software reinvented.

We've cleverly integrated customer service management software in our omni channel platform.

Even if you have only one or two persons in your team looking after warranties, customer questions or other customer service matters, Tiggadesk is the answer to your customer service or help desk challenges. We have combined multiple powerful and robust systems into a cloud-based solution. 

Thanks to the integrated ticketing module, there will be no more missed emails or calls. The integrated ticketing ensures that every in/out email, call or other interaction is registered, monitored and easily managed. One web login gives you have access to it all. Tiggadesk is an affordable solution that is helps every business to run a professionally structured help line or customer service, just like the big end of town.

Make a big step with tiggadesk and organise, prioritise and manage your incoming traffic. You’ll save time and costs, and your customers will love you for it.

Our cloud customer service software highlights.

Professionalise your customer service! $ 39.95/mnth for 2 workstations. Start and receive a A$42.50 bonus usage credit welcome gift**

  • Phone platform with IVR

    A cloud-based telephony system, IVR, voice mail, multiple lines, 2 workstations (and much more).

  • Ticketing and CRM

    Build-in ticketing platform automatically registers & prioritises calls, emails and notes. And: integrated CRM.

  • SMS texts sending

    Use SMS to confirm the postage of a parcel, your promotion or an address to return an item to.

  • Emailing

    Forward your current customer emails to your tiggadesk mailboxes. Automatically converted into tickets.

  • Bonus Credit

    Time saving & pre-configured. Offer: start a trial and we’ll give you $42.50 bonus usage credit!

No matter your size: increase efficiency

Whether your team is 2, 20 or 200, tiggadesk ends missed communication. It’s the tool to increase the effectiveness of the customer facing side of your business.

Ticketing means better insight

Better insight in performance means better management and creating happier customers and a well-oiled team. Maximise efficiency by combining tasks in one platform. No incoming calls? Let the team work on open emails or have them actively make auto-generated outbound calls with your customer base or prospective customers until the next calls comes in.

No longer office bound

Your team is no longer office bound and can talk to and help customers from any location, creating your own complete virtual customer service centre or call centre.

We combine calling, emailing and notes into one easy format: our unique ticket presents everything in an easy to read and handle format. No more scribbles on post-it notes. Passing-on calls to a colleague is made easy with Voice notes, decreasing customer irritation. Answer emails quickly using templates. Send out confirmation or even marketing SMS’s using the outbound texting module. Keep existing systems synced with the Zapier integration, for instance if you want to combine tiggadesk communication with your current HubSpot or other sales or marketing platforms.

Tiggadesk gives you valuable insights in calling and email questions, your team’s workload and individual performance. Coach/help team members where needed, and have everyone working in the same, uniform way. Offer your team and customer optimum support using our enterprise grade platform and tools. Even when everyone’s miles away from each other.

How can I start?

Click start the trial, select how many people in your team answer customer calls and emails and we’ll do the rest. Activated in minutes and instantly usable. It’s beautifully simple. We know you’ll love it!

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Screen previews

Tiggadesk turns your computer into a phone system. You can make and receive calls via an IP phone (softphone) and you computer your headset. Alternatively you can connect physical dedicated IP desk phones. No matter how you connect, customer information is bundled and previous interactions are a click away. In any ticket, the notes at the front of it make sure that everybody is aware what was agreed or done before. In the CRM you can maintain customer data, exchange information with other existing programs and link emails, contact names and phone numbers.

Your advantages:

  • Always there with a personalised welcome – Welcome your customers with a personalised menu at any moment of the day. Choose your opening hours and availability and create your freedom, without compromising customer service!
  • Auto ticketing and registration – Customers falling through the cracks? No more! Every call and email is registered, and ticketed day and night. Tickets are automatically bundled and sorted.
  • Support customers from anywhere – You or your customer service team members can answer from anywhere in the world. Total flexibility and more freedom.
  • Telephone menu, queueing, voice mail – Payment question? Warranty case? Give your customers options to choose from and connect them with the right person via a professional menu.
  • Recordings, coaching, escalations – Improve the customer experience. Record random or all calls, listen to them and coach your team. Or discretely listen in to live calls to coach your team members in delivering optimum service.  This is all easily carried out behind the scenes without your customers noticing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tiggadesk a fully scalable customer service ticketing software?

Tiggadesk is a customisable and fully scalable cloud customer service software that combines multiple other customer service tools. Increasing or decreasing the number of users is very easy and completely hassle-free. Simply log in with your admin or supervisor credentials and you can add or remove users in an instant. This customer service management software is designed to grow as your business grows.

What are the benefits of using the Tiggadesk online customer service software?

With Tiggadesk, calling customers will always be greeted with a personalised welcome. You can set the availability and opening hours of your business without getting your customer service compromised. Because of the auto ticketing and registration feature, you are sure that each call and every email is to be registered and ticketed all throughout the day – and night! The tickets will then be sorted, bundled or parsed automatically.

Why choose Tiggadesk over other client relationship management software?

Using Tiggadesk gives your business more freedom and complete flexibility. Wherever the members of your customer service team go, they will be able to answer customer concerns and inquiries. You can also address customer needs through their preferred modes of communication whether it be phone calls, emails, sms or others. Instead of multiple programs or systems, your team only needs one log in.

How can Tiggadesk boost the overall customer experience?

The Tiggadesk customer management software can record all or just some of the phone calls depending on your need. These recordings are important as trainers (or you) can listen to them and use them to teach the other team members. It is also possible to discretely listen to (monitor) active phone calls, or teach live how to provide the best possible customer service by whispering in the team member’s ear whilst calling. As you do this, only team members will know and hear this and customers will never notice. Another tool is the reporting and dashboard  that shows you what how one team member compares to others or to the team’s average. All these tools can teach your agents on how to deliver a better customer experience moving forward.

With Tiggadesk, is it possible for my call centre or customer service centre to operate even beyond the usual office setting?

Yes, your employees need not to be inside an office just to be able to talk and provide assistance to customers. Wherever they are, they can operate just like traditional call centres and customer service centres. The customer will never be able to tell the difference.

What is the value of having an integrated ticketing module?

Unlike other systems, Tiggadesk has an integrated ticketing module which ensures that all calls and emails from customers are attended to properly. Every call, email or any other form of interaction with customers is to be recorded, tracked and managed easily. It is an affordable customer management software that combines notes, emailing and phone calls into a single easy to use ticketing format.

*Monthly package price, prices in AUD ex GST. Includes 2 workstations logins + admin access account and all features as described on the pricing page. Need more work stations? You can add workstations instantly. You can cancel additional workstations (or your contract) per calendar month. Excludes call and other usage costs, these are charged via your Usage Credit wallet. See our pricing page for details on pricing model. No long term commitments, no exit or cancellation penalties, automatic renewal each month. You can cancel every calendar month. Contract term is maximum 1 calender month.

**No setup fees or other costs. When starting your trial, we will credit your usage wallet with $42.50 (incl GST) bonus credit. This bonus credit in your usage wallet can be spend towards any incoming or outgoing usage costs. Usage costs will be automatically charged to any available bonus amount first. The unused monthly Bonus Credit from this offer expires at the end of the trial period and cannot be carried over. See our terms and conditions for the complete Bonus Credit usage conditions. Costs for actual usage see our pricing structure on the pricing page.