Tiggadesk combines a telephone, email, CRM and ticketing system into one time saving platform. Tiggadesk is available in 2 bundles:

– Base Pack: you pay a monthly base fee + your usage (calls, mails etc) on a Pay As You Go basis. Base fee starts at AU$ 39.95* per calendar month (includes 2 stations). To see the base fee for the number of seats you’d need click here

– Smart Pack: a fixed fee of AU$ 89* per user/per month that covers most usage costs except sms.


No lock-ins

Base Pack and Smart Pack: No lock-in contract, no long term commitment, no investments. Add or delete workstations at any time.


Minimum package

Minimum package 2 agent workstations. All bundles come with additional admin login, dedicated telephone number, telephone lines, automatic IVR system, ticketing, send SMS module, email-to-ticket inboxes, contact CRM and more. Optional: a 1300/1800 number.

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Smart Pack and Base Pack bundles are normally setup in max 1 business day. Start today and get a generous bonus credit to try our system out!

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Base Pack
Fixed fee per month$Wait...AUD
Workstations: 2 included in Base PAYG package. Select the number of workstations you need to see Base Pack price.?Simply count how many team members answer customers. Our minimum package contains 2 workstations: 1 agent + 1 agent/manager. Free additional 1 admin login. You can change the type of workstation, add or delete workstations at any time.
Admin login?This account has similar privileges as the agent/manager account, but can’t make or receive calls, emails or sms. Handy or to change other settings, or e.g. your book keeping department to download invoices.1
Dedicated telephone number and IVR?Dedicated phone number: You can choose a telephone number in one of the capitol cities in Australia. Optional, you can add more than one number that connects to your tiggadesk, even overseas numbers. A sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or automated telephone system is included. You can chose to route calls directly to a team member, form groups, ask the caller to make selections so you can determine why customers are calling you.1
1 main mail-to-ticket email box?Email address that automatically converts any incoming email into a ticket.1
Configurable mail-to-ticket email box?Email addresses that correspond with the department choices on your telephony IVR. For instance Sales, Support or Service. Received emails are automatically converted to tickets and available to the team members assigned to these departments.5
PAYG talk, text, email use (see usage price list)?Actual usage is charged to your Usage Wallet, that we create when you sign up. From this account we deduct the i.e. calling minutes or sms sent. Yes
Scalable: instantly add seats to package (see additions price list)?You can add workstations instantly giving you optimum flexibility. Too many workstations? You can delete any workstation per calendar month. No notice period, you can cancel workstations up to the last day of each calendar month.Yes
Almost unlimited simultaneously outgoing lines?There is no (reasonable) restriction in the number of simultaneously outbound calls. If you have 10 incoming lines in our standard package, but i.e. 28 workstations: all those workstations can make outgoing calls simultaneously whilst having 10 incoming calls at the same time.Yes
Dashboard and management function?The dashboard tells you how the team is performing, how many customers are waiting or how many tickets have been processed by the team or the individual. Giving you real time information so you can make better use of your resources.Yes
Recording of in-/outbound calls?Optional: for a small amount per month, recordings are kept from in/outbound calls for a period of 3 months. Recordings make sure that you can listen to a conversation at any convenient time, and where necessary coach the team member to improve. Both inbound and outbound calls can be recorded. Recordings are stored up to 12 months.Yes
Data export to excel?All data presented in a table, can be exported in .csv format for further processing or analysing in i.e. Numbers of MS Excel.Yes
Data exchange via Zapier?You can exchange data between different programs such as i.e. your sales program via the Zapier API solution. This means that i.e. customer data that is updated in tiggadesk whilst on the phone, these changes are also posted in your other applications, keeping everything 'In-Sync'.Yes
All CRM, telephony, email, sms, ticketing functions (see features table)?Check the features listings per separate component below or in detail in our features page.Yes

More than 12 in the team?

Tiggadesk is 100% scalable. You can grow or reduce your team at any time. If you have a team bigger than 12, get in touch! We’re more than happy to discuss the best value combination for your specific needs.

Predefined Packages

We offer pre-defined base packages. Packages that have the most common phone menu options for your field or industry and the most relevant type of agent workstation types preselected. Every package is customisable. Check out our Your Industry section.

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Usage: Base Pack PAYG / Smart Pack

Additions / Extras

Included: All these features. Unbelievable value.

Telephone platform

Included: a complete business telephone system with IVR. 100% Cloud based architecture, instant setup, immediately deployed and 100% scalable. Receive and make calls via your pc or laptop from where ever you are. Compatible with any SIP hardware desk phone if you like a more traditional phone on your desk. You can add phone numbers from all over the world, create that global impression and have agents work from any location in one system that follows the sun.

See all Telephone Features

Email platform

Included: dedicated email boxes convert received emails automatically in tickets, that are processed via the ticketing system and accessible via the workflow. Create templates to get those standard emails out quickly and looking consistently.

See all Email Features


Included: an intelligent ticketing platform that registers every interaction with customers. Tickets show the history of calls, emails, sms, notes and actions taken. Get rid of those sticky notes or telephone scribbles. Create transparency and increase the efficiency and collaboration in your team. Is seamlessly integrated with the CRM base contacts and the email, telephony and SMS platforms.

See all Ticketing Features


Included: the SMS module makes instant communication such as confirmations, links to webpages or appointment reminders. Or: to remind your customers that it is time to buy that special item again. Create templates to speed up your work.

See all SMS Features

CRM base / contacts

Incuded: Your contacts list is the basis for the ticketing and reporting and contains the basic information of your customer, such as address, contact person(s), email address(es), phone number and so on. Or that the customer was part of a lead generating marketing campaign called “XYZ”. When adding, automatic address lookup and completion ensures standardised annotation, and includes geographic (longitude/lattitude) information. You can select and filter customers or leads and use them for automatic outbound calls, incoming calls and emails automatically associated with data.

See all CRM Features

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Tiggadesk is a truly unique cloud-based business phone system that has ticketing, email processing, texting and a crm natively built-in. It simplifies managing customers and managing your team, and saves you time and costs.

Upgrade your business now with our trial package, fully functional and restriction free. It Includes your own dedicated phone number, complete auto ticketing module, email-to ticket mailboxes, SMS module, a personalised IVR and a generous bonus credit to spend whichever way you like. During the trial period you can decide to select the Base PAYG pack or our Smart Pack.

Please select the number of workstations you need :

Monthly package fee

Price is excl. GST. The first month might differ if service(s) or items are added that attract a one-off setup fee or one-off charges, i.e. hardware items such as IP phones. Our packages can be canceled each calendar month, with no long-term commitment. Some promotions offer free Bonus Credits in your usage wallet/account. Please check the specific promotion for the details.