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New user tiggadesk? Need a ‘how-to’ guide to setup or install? Check out these videos.

Elementary tiggadesk basics

ticket management software
it ticket management software
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New user? Familiarise yourself quickly with these short videos

rookie guide 1 picking up a call min
rookie guide 2 transferring a call min
sales crm software for small business

Setting up tiggadesk? How-to's.

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How to Linphone setup min
Rookie Tutorials

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Manuals to make the maximum of your tiggadesk.

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Linphone Instruction Guide

fanvil instruction download

Use Fanvil config file

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Agent Guide

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Quick Reference Agent Guide

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Setup Guide

Transform your computer into a phone

Transform your pc or laptop into a phone by using a software based phone.

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LinPhone for Windows

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LinPhone for Apple MacOS

support ticket system
crm for small business
cloud business phone
cloud pbx

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Tiggadesk is a truly unique cloud-based business phone system that has ticketing, email processing, texting and a crm natively built-in. It simplifies managing customers and managing your team, and saves you time and costs.

Upgrade your business now with the OneTeam trial package, fully functional and restriction free. Includes your own dedicated phone number, complete auto ticketing module, email-to ticket mailboxes, SMS module, a personalised IVR and a generous credit to spend whichever way you like.