Cloud Based Phone SystemWhat Features to Look for When Choosing a Cloud Business Phone System

Startup companies and small businesses are always searching for affordable and practical ways to grow and expand. A very good start to achieve this noble goal is to have at least a decent telephone system which you can consistently rely on for your daily business operations. So if you are looking for one and you already have a high speed Internet connection, here are some of the top features that you should look for in a cloud business phone system for small business.

Seamless experience for your agents and customers

With the abundance of newer and more advanced technologies, this is the best time for any organisation to get a dependable and practical cloud based business phone system. This kind of technology can help your business address the challenges of handling different modes of communications such as telephone calls, text messages, emails and more.

To ensure your agents and customers a truly seamless experience, go for the best right from the start and choose a dependable all-in-one system where you can find everything you need in one centralised location. To be sure that what you are choosing is the best, ask yourself if it already has everything that your business needs including a CRM platform, an SMS platform, a ticketing platform, an email platform and a telephone platform.

Value for money

The best thing about a cloud hosted pbx system is that it only requires a monthly subscription fee which sometimes even includes calls. It eliminates the need to pay high upfront and maintenance costs that usually come with installing hardware and other bulky physical equipment. Aside from streamlining your operations, choose a system that can help you save time and money.

Essential call center features

A good cloud phone system should have important call center features like call routing, call recording and call queueing. These things are very helpful as they can make your sales and support teams more efficient. Other advanced call center features that are nice to have include dashboard management, custom voicemail, queued callback, parallel calls and group dialing.

Diversified team collaboration and CRM integration capabilities

A good telephone system should be able to save some precious time to help the business grow. This way, the operations can focus more on things that are truly of value. When looking for a cloud based phone system for small business, always go for something that will ease the team members’ workload yet increase their productivity at the same time.

Features like in-call note taking, advanced call allocation, shared inbox and shared contact list can boost collaboration and lead to better customer conversations. In addition, an easy to use dashboard can give the whole team valuable insights and real time call analytics data. More importantly, the team’s efficiency can be optimised by providing relevant individuals with simultaneous access to valuable call information.